Online cash register for online stores
CloudKassir is a cloud "ready-made" solution for online fiscalization of payments within the law 54-ФЗ for any business
CloudKassir — a complex solution for the online payments fiscalization in compliance to the Federal Law №54 for any type of business
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The advantages of CloudKassir
Complex solution
Assigned online cash-register/s fiscal memory device, connection to FDO, automated generation and sending of electronic receipts , complete report in the personal account
Simple and convenient integration
Integration with any payment services or aggregators, a site for integration testing and receipts sending
Many useful tools
REST API, handy personal account, advanced statistics for transactions, sending of electronic receipts to the buyer's e-mail or phone
Minimum expenses and time to commission cash-register equipment (CRE); there is no need to develop any extra software, no need to buy extra equipment or hire service personnel
We will help to maintain the entire working capacity of your business processes and settlements system: online payments, processing and immediate sending of receipts
There was implemented protection against network errors, dubbing recording and actions. The cash-register is in the data center 24/7/365 connected to the Internet and power supply
Rental cost
Extra payment for FMD and reserved online cash-register
3 500
Extra payment for FMD and reserved online cash-register
9 000
Extra payment for FMD and reserved online cash-register
30 000
Sending of online receipt to the buyer
Automated sending of the receipt to the Tax agency.
As well as to the buyer's e-mail or subscriber number

Connection within 1 day
The company guarantees SLA for this service 99.9%. In the rental services agreement, there is stated the financial responsibility for implementation of this SLA.

What is CloudKassir?
It is a cloud "ready-made" solution (rental service for online cash-registers) for online fiscalization of Internet payments within the law 54-FL for any business.
What is OFD?
Fiscal Data Operator (FDO) is a legal entity created to accept, process, store and transfer fiscal data to the Federal Tax Service (FTS).
What is a fiscal memory device?
A fiscal memory device is a hardware and software cryptographic security agent for fiscal data. It gets, processes and signs with a fiscal signature the receipt data. Then it sends the data and the fiscal signature to the operator of fiscal data.
Why is QES required for a cash-register?
Qualified Electronic Signature is required for registration/re-registration of a cash-register on the site of FTS and to change the fiscal memory device. It is impossible to register a personal account in FTS and in the "честныйзнак.рф" marking systems without an electronic signature. It is possible to execute an electronic signature on the site having only two documents: a passport and IIAN (individual insurance account number).
Why is it necessary to register a cash-register with FTS?
According to 54-FL, an online cash-register must transfer the fiscal data to FTS that is why this equipment should be registered. In order to register a cash-register not visiting FTS you should execute an electronic signature on our site and pass online registration of CRE on the site of the tax service.
How to connect and operate with FDO?
It is enough to sign one agreement with us and we undertake FDO.
What are the payment services or aggregators your service works with?
We work with any payment services or aggregators.
Will the fiscal data be transferred when paid in e-money and/or via merchant acquiring?
Of course they will.
Is it necessary to buy a new cash-register?
To work with us you do not need to buy a new cash-register. We already have online cash-registers and we also have fiscal memory devices.

Why is the cost of online cash-registers different?
The cash-registers recorded in the FTS register meet the requirements of the law 54-ФЗ, but they cost differently. The law states the basic requirements, but in reality, cash-registers differ in reliability, failsoft, performance and optional capabilities.
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